Solid Fuel Boilers

Polish solid fuel burning systems are market leading and renowned for reliability, longevity and burn efficiency. The leader within the polish boiler market is Pereko (yellow boilers), these systems can fit any project, home or commercial heating system. Pereko polish boilers solutions can burn a vast variety of material and density using common and uncommon materials as a heat source.

We are the only Pereko authorised distributor in the UK and Ireland supplying Pereko products, parts and warranty claims.

Pereko Solid Fuel Boilers

Polish Boilers, smart heating system by burning more effective and efficient!

  • Fan assisted option available
  • Heats and produces Hot Water
  • Auto feeding option available
  • Solid Fuel: 14KW - 200KW
  • Type: Burner
  • Source: Solid Fuel
  • Location: Indoor

Custom Pereko Solid Fuel Burner

Need something special?

A custom Pereko solid fuel burner is one specially designed to meet your specific renewable energy needs. We offer a wide selection of custom Pereko fuel burner options that are suitable for any home, office or commercial environment backed up by our specialist engineer installation including consistent and dependable technical support team.

  • Range: 5KW - 500KW
  • Type: Burners
  • Source: Solid Fuels
  • Location: Indoor