Water Furnace

Water Furnace geo thermal specialists building and creating various models of heat pumps that are ground to water source. There systems take heat from the ground under us and convert it in to heat for heating your home or business in heat only, hot water only or heat and hot water. Applying Water Furnace geo thermal systems to a wide range of applications including pool/spa heating, radiant floor, snow melt, aquaculture, and process water installations.

This provides an excellent cost effective and renewable solution for your heating and cooling needs. Our ground to water source system are an excellent match for our Roth Underfloor Piping systems.

Quick Facts

  • Reduce heating Bills and Maintenance costs
  • Savings of up to £1,100 a year are possible
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Simple to integrate into most heating systems
  • Heating or Cooling
  • Externally positioned saving valuable internal living space
  • Wide Range of Operting Tempatures
  • Heats and produces Hot Water
  • Very renewable Ground to Water source
  • High Volume Hot Water or Chilled Water
  • Ideal for Pool/Spa Heating, Radiant Floor or Snow Melt
  • COP 3.7 - 4.2

General Operation Information

The Water Furnace Envision NSKW range is one model with multiple variations that can produce heating range of 6kw – 17kw output. Each variation is fabricated from heavy-gauge steel and finished with corrosion resistant polyester coating which provides years of durability.

Case Studies & Documentation

Government Grants

There are a range of Grant Schemes available for renewable heating systems from various Government organizations. We have create a section on our site that can help you contact the correct organisation for information availability and guidance. Some of these schemes have limited availability and or annual budgets and when they are used they are gone so we suggest you look quickly.

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