Roth is a well-known German heating manufacturer that creates some of the highest quality multi layered piping available on the market. Many conventional piping system cannot stand up to riggers of such as too high or too low pH values, free carbonation, chlorides etc this leads to corrosion problems as not all water is the same. Many times once installed piping is very difficult to repair or replace so you need to make the right choice from the outset when planning underfloor or solar thermal heating systems.

Whether it’s a ground to water, air to water or water to water sourced systems, Roth piping is the right choice and can be used without hesitation with all water qualities.

Quick Facts

  • System Certification to DVGV
  • Amended Pipe Regulation
  • DIN 50930-6
  • All Water Quality
  • Wide Tempatures Range Supported
  • Solar Thermal Supported
  • Underfloor Heating Supported
  • Multilayer Pipework Manufacture

General Operation Information

The new Roth ClimaComfort System for heating and cooling via floors, walls and ceilings in refurbished or new buildings stands out for its extremely low, 17-millimetre overall structure and its resulting high reaction speed.

Case Studies & Documentation

Government Grants

There are a range of Grant Schemes available for renewable heating systems from various Government organizations. We have create a section on our site that can help you contact the correct organisation for information availability and guidance. Some of these schemes have limited availability and or annual budgets and when they are used they are gone so we suggest you look quickly.

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