Panasonic heat pumps are a range of products from the Panasonic Corporation, which is one of the leading electrical and electronics manufacturers in the world. The latest heat pumps from Panasonic are geothermal or ground source heat pumps that are highly efficient and reliable. The geothermal heat pumps are slowly gaining popularity due to the need for viable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Buying a Panasonic heat pump is relatively easy; we offer an exclusive range so you are continually guaranteed the highest quality product to meet your specific needs. Customers who buy our Panasonic heating products or any of our products are assured of great value for money in the form of long useful life including our strong network of customer support.

Quick Facts

  • Reduce heating Bills and Maintenance costs
  • Savings of up to £1,100 a year are possible
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Simple to integrate into most heating systems
  • Operates even in freezing temperatures (-20 °C).
  • Externally positioned saving valuable internal living space
  • Proven technology already well established in other EU countries
  • Up to 78% energy savings
  • Inverter+ compressor for even greater efficiency
  • Built in Air Con version available on request
  • Heats and produces Hot Water
  • Very renewable Air to Water source

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Government Grants

There are a range of Grant Schemes available for renewable heating systems from various Government organizations. We have create a section on our site that can help you contact the correct organisation for information availability and guidance. Some of these schemes have limited availability and or annual budgets and when they are used they are gone so we suggest you look quickly.

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