Custom Bespoke Heating Systems

The design of each bespoke heating system is carefully developed with your requirements guiding the process. Our range of high quality heating systems can be customised to accommodate your uniquely specific energy needs. This is how your specifications help us to deliver a truly custom bespoke heating system that retains usability without affecting its environmentally friendly credentials. We consider this the equilibrium formula for a happy planet and an even happier wallet.

Heating System Design

A heating system design is the layout of a system that is to be deployed for the purposes of heating and cooling your home, garage or warehouse. Our heating system designs are developed in direct response to your specific individual needs. An effective heating system design allows for maximum efficiency so that it quickly heats or cools the area it is applied to.
We offer a wide range of system design options suitable for a variety of applications. Some designs are more suited to domestic use, while others are better applied in commercial operations.
Our particular systems are specially designed to use heat from the earth in cooling and heating buildings and other structures. These low maintenance system serve you while ensuring environmental protection. After installation, most system require very little power to run and are an excellent option for customers who are interested in running a heating system at the lowest possible cost.

Heating System Installation

Having identified or custom designed a suitable heating system design for your home, office or other premises the next step is to have it installed. Our engineers make their recommendations based on their familiarity and expertise on your chosen heating system. With their high level of competence and experience you will be assured of professional capability. Assessment of your personal circumstances and system preferences are always at the forefront of our service to you.
Once your heating system installation is complete, we will test every component of the system. Instead of a brief on and off test we run each component of the system for a period of fifteen minutes or more to ensure the system is working perfectly. This is an integral part of our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Heating System Support

Heating system support teams report that ninety percent of the complaints they receive are caused by poor understanding of the system and how it works along with customers letting non- engineers toy with any perceived problems through allowing others to make adjustments to the settings of the system. The core purpose of every heating system support team is to ensure that the customer fully enjoys the convenience and functionality of their heating system. Support is available 24/7 and we give assurance that our team are extremely knowledgeable about our products.
It is very important to use the support team to resolve issues that you may have with any of our systems. Any interference with the system by an outside or independent expert will very likely compromise your warranty and you may incur unnecessary losses for a problem that could have been easily resolved through working with our support team.

No Obligation Assessment

A no obligation assessment is where our technician arrives to make an evaluation of your requirements or interest in any of our heating systems options. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our customers to gauge the competence and level of expertise that we as a prospective supplier possess. Unlike amateur assessments which aim to confuse or try to solicit a purchase, we only offer friendly, professional and hassle free advice.
We will send out a heating installation engineer to carry out the assessment as soon as you agree to have it conducted. The assessment can often involve an in depth discussion that compares available solutions to your current circumstances and future needs. Our assessment gives you the chance to see how your environmentally friendly and renewable energy needs can be met. We consider this our personable approach. We know that you needs are unique and we aim to meet them on an individual level.

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