Heating Systems

We have specially selected the following heat systems for their reliability, reputation, heat produced and of course costs. Our engineers can design, install and commission both off the shelve products as well as one off custom creations to suit your project. As Perkeo’s only authorised distribution agent for the UK and Ireland we supply and support in bulk.

Each heat pump range is broken down by source to source, so if you need geothermal heating to your house or office, then your source is GROUND to WATER.

Solid Multi Fuel Boilers

Pereko's only UK and Ireland authorised distributor!!! Solid fuel boilers were the main source of combustion during the steam powered era. Most of the steam engines that powered the world economy through the industrial era were powered through huge commercial solid fuel boilers. Solid fuel boilers are today largely used in homes, office and some commercial building as providers of efficient energy. Environmentally friendly with low CO2 emissions solid wood boilers are seen as a form of cost saving equipment.

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  • Range: 5KW - 500KW
  • Type: Burners
  • Source: Solid Fuels
  • Location: Indoor

Heat Pumps & Geo Thermal

Panasonic, Water Furnance, Weilder, Euronom, Roth Professional Systems
Geothermal heat pumps technology uses the earth’s energy to aid in the operation of a heating and cooling system. Combining heat pumps and geothermal technology provides customers with an efficient, low maintenance and environmentally friendly energy system. Geothermal heat pumps are also known as ground source heat pumps. The pumps source heat from the ground and through a heat exchanger, the pump moves heat from one point to the other.

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  • Range: 6KW - 16KW
  • Type: Heat Pump
  • Source: Air & Ground
  • Location: Outdoor

Custom Bespoke Systems

Need something special? Custom Bespke Systems available upon request
A custom system is one that is designed to meet specific customer requirements. On the other hand, a bespoke system is one that is designed with exact specifications from the customer. The difference is in the scope of customer involvement in designing and developing the system. Our custom bespoke heating systems offer more personalisation for your individual environmentally-friendly and cost effective energy needs.

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  • Range: Any
  • Type: Any
  • Source: Any
  • Location: Any