Solid Fuel Polish Burners

Wood Pellets an Efficient Solid Fuel

Solid fuel burners are synonymous with heat, warmth and ambient settings. Their versatility extends to more than being efficient energy providers, they also offers users environmentally friendly means of acquiring this energy.

To truly appreciate the way solid fuel burner systems, such as those provided by Pereko, work you need to understand what biomass solid fuels are. Since these and other solid fuels are used to power solid fuel burners, knowing about them is in par with owning a solid fuel boiler.

Solid fuel

The most common solid fuels available are wood pellets. Pellet technology is not new and has been in use around Europe for over 20 years. Wood pellets are more than just carbon neutral solids fuels they are also renewable biomass energy fuel.

They are made from wood chippings and are designed to have a regular geometry and small size. These features make them ideal for feeding solid fuel burners. When used to power your solid fuel burner, they offer you the same energy as you would expect from any other fossil fuel.

Lower maintenance and cost

Being able to make savings while still accommodating your energy needs is often the ideal utopia that people strive to achieve. This consideration is the reason why wood pellets are ideal.

To power your solid fuel burner, they work like a charm so that you are not worried about having to shell out more money. Due to their high density and compact nature they can be easily stored and these qualities offer the added benefit of making these solid fuels cheaper.

People tend to worry if any of the latest solid fuel technology is worth considering. They worry that there might be other catches associated with the acquisition of said solid fuels. However, since wood pellets are pellet technology, they will not present you with any problems. They will not rot or degrade, leaving less room for unnecessary worry. This means that they can be easily stored and require no maintenance in order to increase their lifespan.

The lifespan of wood pellets makes it easier to feed them through your solid fuel burner as most offer automatic feeding. Just like the gas or oil counterparts, this system makes it easier for you to fulfil your heating requirements without feeling the need to consistently refuel.

There is plenty of useful information on how you can live off the grid while still meeting your heating and hot water requirement. However, knowing the type of solid fuel that can assist you achieve this objective is the first step.

The next step is to see if any of the Pereko solid fuel burners would be compatible with your heating requisites. It is through talking to a professional company that sells these systems that you can clarify compatibility.

We understand that confusion can arise from having more questions than answers. As a professional company that provides top range solid fuel burners talking to us can be the starting point of assistance – Contact Nu World Heating



Posted on June 7, 2014 11:39am