Panasonic Heat Pumps

Care and Maintenance of Panasonic Heat Pumps

The cost of living is constantly rising this in turn seems to inflate the cost of energy. Due to this more people have found that using heat pumps to meet their energy needs has proved beneficial to their finances.

Heat pumps have served as a great substitute to the high cost of electricity. If you have a Panasonic heat pump it becomes essential to learn how care for it as this is the only way the pump will continually function and help you make savings in your utility bills. With proper maintenance, you will benefit greatly from the cooling and heating effects that your pump will generate.

The Panasonic heat pumps are designed in such a manner that they require minimal energy to transfer heat or cold depending on the season. With such an appliance in your home, you will have the choice of setting it on either mode according to your preference.

Since there are different types of pumps, you would need to keenly understand how to maintain your system. This is the only way that you would be guaranteed to save on your energy bills and have your system run smoothly without any hitches.


One of the integral parts of the heat pumps is the filter. You should always check to ensure that the filters are clean as this will allow quality airflow within your home. When the filters accumulate dirt, the system might end up being clogged which in turn interferes with the airflow. This will mount pressure on the compressor, which might end up getting damaged and cost you to replace it.

When checking and cleaning the filters, you should also do the same for any fans and the coils that are part of the system. Always ensure that your system is cleaned as often as possible and this will keep it in good shape for a long time.

Besides looking at the interiors of the heat pumps, maintenance should also focus on the outer surface on the system. Ensure that you clean any dust that might be piling up frequently. You should also clean the surrounding environment as it will allow the pump to function more efficiently.

If you have an outdoor unit, you should ensure that it is well protected and ventilated. Cut down any plants that may be hindering the proper flow of air into your system. Heat exchanger coils and condensers will also require proper cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get better results faster.

In as much as there are some basic cleaning and care that can be accomplished, you still need to hire a professional expert once in a while to check your heat pumps. You can schedule regular servicing of the thermostat and other sensitive parts of the pump. An expert will also be able to advise you if the system is working as required. Maintenance of these pumps is as important as owning them.

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Posted on June 7, 2014 11:28am