Ductless Heat Pumps

Efficiency of Ductless Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are steadily gaining popularity and most home owners are opting for these systems instead of conventional air conditioners. There are different heat pump models and brands. The ductless pumps are considered part of a series of pumps that are top of the range.

This is a system that has proved to be efficient and quietly serves both indoors and outdoors without requiring any backup. If you have reached a point where you have finally concluded that heat pumps are the energy source systems for you, then there is no need to worry. It is very easy to have the ductless system installed as a replacement or even as an entirely new system. Most commercial building use the ductless system as it works properly without any major disappointments.

The advantages

One of the greatest advantages of the ductless heat pumps is their level of efficiency. Unlike other types of pumps that have ducts and lose some energy in the ducts, this type of pump will deliver the required temperature circulation directly to the room.

This does not use much energy and you find that you are using up to 20% less energy with the ductless pumps. The other advantage that adds to the efficiency is the fact that the desired temperature is delivered to specific areas in any room. You can heat up or cool down a specific area to your desired temperature.

The ductless heat pumps usually have a compressor on the outside and inside units, which are usually mounted on the walls. There are also companies that have come up with brands that can be fitted on the ceiling. These internal and external units of the ductless systems are connected using refrigerant lines.

Some of the models will have a single external compressor that is connected to multiple interior units. Just like the conventional heating systems, the ductless system will use electricity for purposes of transferring heat for the indoor and outdoor air through compression.

The system is commonly referred to as a spilt pump as is has an inside unit and an external compressor in addition to the heat delivery units. Depending on the capacity ratings, the ductless heat pumps require 22volt AC power. Besides offering clean conditioned air into the house, the system is also able to dehumidify indoor air. There is also another benefit in that, with modern improvements the system uses less environmentally harmful refrigerants.

You would need to consult an expert so that you can know which particular type of ductless heat pump is appropriate for you. Homes that have open floor plans can maximise on this option. Each of the internal heads will be placed so that it serves a particular area.

This will make it possible to cover a wide area with your system. There are many benefits that are associated with ductless system but the greatest is finance.

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Posted on June 7, 2014 11:36am