Pereko KSX Series

A Future Proof Solid Fuel Burner Conversion

Conversion from a conventional gas or oil boiler to a solid fuel burner such as the Pereko KSX series can be a decision plagued with procrastination. Change is never easy especially if you are unsure of what type of advantageous benefits you can get from the solid fuel burning products.

It becomes important not to get inundated with the technical jargon but instead focus on usability, efficiency and USP (unique selling point) benefits of the Pereko KSX series units. If these do not match up with your expectations, then there is no point in even considering a change.

Financially sound

Personal finance management is an issue that can easily dictate energy consumption. People are always trying to find ways to save money and might opt for restricting their energy usage as part of the deciding options. Realistically, this option becomes less viable during the winter months when warmth and comfort become a necessity.

The Pereko KSX series solid fuel burner provides you with the energy needs without burning a hole in your pocket. These boilers are sturdy and efficient energy producers that work hard so that you can keep more money for things that matter.

There is no need to resort to extreme money saving solutions that eventually leave you feeling depressed by a utility bill. You have control over how much you pay once you have installed any of the Pereko series solid fuel burners.

This control comes in the form of purchasing the solid fuels required to keep your product operational. Your winter utility bills will be a thing of the past as you maintain a desired indoor temperature and a better quality of life. The nominal power of the boiler is always going to be at a setting that is compatible with your lifestyle.

Environmentally friendly

Solid fuel burners are considered environmentally compatible. Wood pellets and pea pellets are but a few examples of the type of solid fuels that you can use. These fuels are often better than using fossil fuel and easily offer the required calorific combustion required to make the Pereko KSX series work efficiently.

Carbon neutral solid fuels can be purchased online further adding to the convenience. When considering the impact of human energy consumption on the environment then the Pereko KSW series provides a solution that any home, garage or warehouse can enjoy.

Before you can commit to a purchase you need to make sure you understand the basics. These include the heating surface, boiler water capacity and heating power. The Pereko KSX series has its own specifications that make it unique for any home environment.

Speaking to a professional company that offers both the technical expertise and installation can allay any fears of trepidation. By walking you through the technical jargon and offering you a solution ideal for your personal environment can make the change easier.

We work hard to prevent any technical aspects of our products from causing confusion. Trust us to provide you with the best Pereko KSX series units – Contact Nu World Heating

Posted on May 20, 2014 11:18pm