Pereko KSW Series

Comfort and Economical Solid Fuel Burners

A unique personal environment should not limit the purchase of a solid fuel unit which aims to improve life contentment. These products decrease the need to resort to extreme limitations of household energy consumption.

However, being a novice in the field of solid fuel burners could dramatically deter you from considering obtaining any of the Pereko KSW series units. The technical jargon can often leave you feeling more clueless than when your search began. Simplification becomes a necessity that can aid in solid fuel burner acquisition.

In control

A growing household should not be dictated to by energy companies who often offer financially inflated services. Stretching your hard earned money so that it is compatible with your environmentally aware lifestyle should always be the objective. Life balances can be achieved by relying on solid fuel burners that are compatible with your life objectives.
The Pereko KSW series, KSW Plus series, KSW Plus Top series and the KSW Prima series are all solid fuel burners which easily cater for this need. They allow for democratic control over your household’s energy usage.


Environmental concerns are components of everyday living. Finding financially and environmentally compatible heating solutions can lie in solid fuel burners. The term solid fuel no longer solely applies to products with high CO2 emissions such as is synonymous with fossil fuels.

The market solid fuel markets offer carbon neutral products, which satisfy both the individual economic awareness and environment protection needs. These types of solid fuels are ideal components for Pereko KSW series products.


Gas and oil boilers often need to have annual servicing, which in itself can be a hassle. The need to accommodate a servicing engineer in an already compact schedule can at times prove trying at best.

The Pereko KSW series, KSW Plus series, KSW Plus Top series including the KSW Prima series are all solid fuel burners which pride themselves in minimal maintenance requirements. There is no need to sit at home waiting for the arrival of a servicing engineer.

Once installed these products work to easily provide your home with all its heating and hot water requirements. The only pre-requisite to owning any of the Pereko series unit is regular cleaning so that you can maintain the expected lifespan of your product.

In the rare instance that you should experience a fault with the solid fuel burner unit then assistance is readily provided. Companies who specialise in Pereko solid fuel burners always work with the objective of ultimate customer satisfaction. They are there to offer you support and deal with any technical issues that might arise as you familiarise yourself with your system.


Companies that are certified in selling Pereko products understand what warranty means to the consumer. Most warranties of these solid fuel burners are extremely compatible to the market value. They reflect the confidence that the companies have in these solid fuel burners. Considering this makes it easier to know that the only way to proceed is forward.

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Posted on May 20, 2014 11:18pm