Pereko KPS DUO Series

Minimal Energy Grid Reliance

Solid fuel burners are not products that solely rely on fossil fuels to acquire the desired and efficient usage level. Pereko solid fuel boilers can easily accommodate carbon neutral, yet highly calorific solid fuels making them a financially and environmentally protective option.

For the freelance artisan using the garage as a workshop can prove to be a financially sound idea. However, when the winter months settle in keeping the space warm could prove frustrating. Solid fuel burners could be the ideal component in creating a warm and ergonomic work environment.

It can be extremely hard to work in a cold environment especially in extreme weather. Spending more money than you are earning can often act as a deterrent from acquiring a heating system.
The best heating system is one that is compatible with not only your financial concerns but also with greener work ethics. Fortunately Pereko has created products that easily cater to meet both personal requirements.

Operational capacity

Individuals are often directed by many different aspects when considering whether the Pereko KSP Duo series unit is the ideal solution for their work space.

Before making your purchase you need to understand how well the solid fuel Pereko KPS Duo series product works compared to its oil or gas counterparts. The primary aspect that needs inspecting is the kilo watts that are required to operate the device. The higher the KW the better the operational functionality of the unit is and varying models offer different KW to increase compatibility.
Most of the products are equipped with a feeder which means that the systems will automatically furnace your chosen solid fuel. With this you do not have to worry about constantly manually feeding the solid fuel burner whenever you need either heating or hot water.

Service comfort and usability is afforded through the fact that there is control over the combustion process.

Grant schemes

Money worries will always exist even though one may have an above average paying occupation. The fear of utility bills becomes engraved in daily functions as family units expand or freelance work progresses increases.

The worry about consumption is not new and can be easily combated by knowing that there are alternatives and using them. Naturally, when looking at the prices of the Pereko KSP DUO series or any of the other series, the pricing of each unit can be a cause for concern.

However, if you opt to acquire a solid fuel burner and include carbon neutral solid fuels as opposed to fossil fuel then you are can think about getting a grant to fund the purchase of a Pereko KSP Duo series unit.

This is because it works in par with the government’s incentive to lower carbon emissions. Acquiring a heating grant is not necessarily a simple matter, but it is one worth considering to aid in the purchase of your KSP DUO series unit.

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Posted on May 20, 2014 11:17pm