Local Authority Help

England and Wales

Local authorities in different parts of the country frequently come up with various energy saving grant programs which are meant to complement the government’s energy saving agenda.

These localised grants are exclusive to people who reside in a particular area and are issued by the local authorities based in those areas. There are different objectives to the schemes being run by local authorities, which are offering their residents energy saving grants.

However, most of these schemes tend to borrow heavily from the government schemes already in place. The local authority grants are mostly available for insulation, home heating and power generation from renewable energy sources and energy efficiency improvements.

The areas of focus for the grants, local authorities are offering depend on the immediate and urgent energy saving needs of residents in the area as well as the renewable energy options that are viable in the area.

Areas that have lots of low income households will tend to focus on providing financial assistance towards insulation and heating, while those with higher income areas will have grants that provide support aimed at helping home and business owners implement renewable power generation. Residents will usually contribute to the development and areas of focus for the local authority grants by giving their views and opinions.

If you want learn more concerning these grants, you can contact your local authority offices to find out what local authority grants are currently available in your area. Those living in areas that do not have any local authority grants in place should get in touch with their officials to discuss the possibility of having local energy saving grants established.

Participating in the development of the grants will ensure sufficient focus and attention is given to priority areas, which affect the majority of people in the area.

Further information is available on http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/

Posted on May 20, 2014 11:15pm