The Green Deal

England, Scotland & Wales

The Green Deal is a government grant program that was established with the aim of providing financial assistance to building owners who want to make energy efficiency improvements to their buildings.

The grant is available to owners of homes as well as those who have non-residential buildings, which they intend to improve so as to achieve greater efficiency in the way they use energy. The improvements financed through the Green Deal program are meant to not only increase energy efficiency, but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

A Green Deal grant helps the building owner make significant home improvements that in turn result in significant savings on their power bill. Without this financial support, making the energy saving improvements would take longer.

The grant is therefore a source of motivation for building owners who need to improve on their energy consumption. It also presents building owners with the opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation.

Green Deal grants are repaid through small monthly payments that are included in the recipients’ power bill. For most people, this is an excellent arrangement as they find that the savings made on consumption will go a long way in catering for the monthly repayments. Once the grant is repaid in full, the building owner will enjoy huge savings on the money they currently spend on paying for electricity.

There are a number of strict requirements expected of applicants who seek to access a Green Deal grant. Correct and accurate documents and information are expected from all who are applying for the grant.

Those who find the process too involving should get professional help to take them through it and advice on the improvements that will deliver the greatest value. This is not only easier; it also increases their chances of making a successful application. Further information is available on

Posted on May 20, 2014 11:15pm