ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

England, Scotland & Wales

ECO, Energy Company Obligation is a scheme through which six major energy corporations in the country make a mandatory contribution to a common fund, which is then used to provide financial assistance to low income homes that need insulation and heating.

The money is available for those who need to install heating and insulation as well as those looking to implement improvements that will make their houses more energy-efficient. The scheme comprises of three programs which are; the Affordable Warmth Obligation, the Carbon Saving Obligation and the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation.

The Affordable Warmth Obligation program is a program that aims at providing low income homes with funds to assist them with the installation of insulation and heating systems in their tenements. The Carbon Saving Obligation is a program that offers funding for solid wall houses that need internal or external insulation. The Carbon Saving Communities Obligation program aims at providing the lowest income areas and those in social housing with funds for insulation.

To make sure that only deserving individuals get the funding offered through the different programs of the Energy Company Obligation, strict rules and procedures are in place for those looking to apply. These are not there as a hurdle for the low income households, but are in place as a check that is meant to ensure that only those who are in dire need of insulation and heating benefit from the funds being provided through ECO.

If you think that you or someone you know qualifies for one of the programs under ECO, you should call in to the Energy Saving Advice Service on their official line or website Detailed information on all the programs under ECO as well as other grant options will be availed to anyone who qualifies for them.

Posted on May 20, 2014 11:14pm